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  • Gojo

Intro to Shinobi Chronicles

Shinobi Chronicles is a browser based MMORPG inspired by the popular anime/manga series, Naruto. Train your character through the village ranking system, climb to new heights whilst becoming a world renowned Ninja!

Learn various jutsu, unlock your bloodline and partake in combat with warring or neutral villages to earn points and unlock boosts and rewards for your entire village and personal squads.

Work your way up through the ninja ranks and claim the highest possible position, the Kage, or become an elite level ninja, feared across all villages.


Combat works as a turn based battle system, explore different uses of effects such as nerfs, boosts, drains, and many more to ensure and strategize the best possible outcome that may lead to your victory in battle

In Shinobi Chronicles, there are 3 types of offense

Ninjutsu - Focuses on the use of hand signs and chakra based/element attacks

Taijutsu - Focuses on the use of hand to hand combat and various weapon effects

Genjutsu - Focuses on the use of illusions and high residual damage

Aside from offense types, there are several sub stats to train in tandem

Cast Speed - Allows you to cast jutsu faster than other Ninjutsu users and avoid damage from Taijutsu users

Speed - Allows you to move faster than Ninjutsu and Taijutsu users to avoid damage

Intelligence - Allows Genjutsu users to keep people locked in their Genjutsu, and also allows other offense users to break out of them

Willpower - Allows you to resist a percentage of effects from all offenses (Nerfs/Drains/Residuals ect)


Your main source of gaining stats will be through a timed training system. You can train your stats through short, long, and extended trainings

The current training rates are as followed

Academy Student - 4

Genin - 6

Chuunin - 8

Note that a portion of stats gained from long and extended trainings are cut

You can also make use of the Arena to fight AI to gain stat points while earning yen

The current drop rate for stats are as followed

A base of a 25% drop per fight

Increased by 15% if you are under or same level as AI

ncreased by 10% if the fight lasts longer than 4 turns

Character Rank, Stat caps and Requirements

Academy student- Starting rank up to level 10. Stat cap of 1000

Genin - Must be a lvl 10 AS plus required exp to take the exam. Stat cap of 5000

In order to pass the exam, you must buy and learn Basic Replacement, Clone Combo, and Transformation Trickery from the shop and perform the hand signs.

Chuunin - Must be a lvl 20 Genin plus required exp to take the exam. Stat cap of 25000 In order to pass the exam, the user must pass a basic test along with undergoing a series of battles.

Shinobi Chronicle Currencies

Yen is the primary currency for Shinobi Chronicles, use Yen to purchase the jutsus of your offense type in the shop, gear to help you in battle, and healing items for after combat

Note, to use parent jutsu the child jutsu must be bought and leveled to 50 in order to learn the move

You are only able to learn jutsu’s of your element

List of gear and weapon effects

Harden - Resists damage from Taijutsu

Lighten - Increases speed (does not affect cast speed)

Daze - Lowers target's intelligence

Cripple - Lowers target speed

Ancient Kunai is a premium currency used for various changes toward your character

Character changes

Use Ancient Kunai to reset your character, change your username, transfer skill points into other stats, reset an individual stat, or to change your current clan


Bloodline rates for your first roll upon reaching Genin are as followed

None - 50% chance

Lesser - 20% chance

Common - 15% chance

Elite - 10% chance

Legendary - 5% chance

Use Ancient Kunai to purchase or reroll to a new bloodline of your choosing. Note, 10% of bloodline skill will be lost when acquiring a new bloodline.

Legendary - 80 AK

Elite - 60 AK

Common - 40 AK

Lesser - 20 AK

Bloodline section with info TBA


With the use of Ancient Kunai, you can imbue your character with a forbidden seal for enhanced benefits toward your character.

Twin Sparrow Seal

5 Ancient Kunai / 30 days

+10% regen rate
Blue/Pink username color in chat
Larger avatar (125x125 -> 175x175)
Longer logout timer (60 -> 90 minutes)
Larger inbox (50 -> 75 messages)
Longer journal (1000 -> 2000 characters)
Larger journal images (300x200 -> 500x500)
Longer chat posts (350 -> 450 characters)
Longer PMs (1000 -> 1500 characters)rs)

Twin Sparrow Seal Four Dragon Seal 5 Ancient Kunai / 30 days 15 Ancient Kunai / 30 days +10% regen rate All benefits of Twin Sparrow Blue/Pink username color in chat +20% regen rate Larger avatar (125x125 -> 175x175) +1 jutsu equip slot Longer logout timer (60 -> 90 minutes) +1 weapon equip slot Larger inbox (50 -> 75 messages) +1 armor equip slot Longer journal (1000 -> 2000 characters) Enhanced long trainings (1.5x length, 2x gains) Larger journal images (300x200 -> 500x500) Enhanced extended trainings (1.5x length, 2.25x gains) Longer chat posts (350 -> 450 characters) Longer PMs (1000 -> 1500 characters)