Feedback Survey
The SC staff would love to get some feedback on some current heavily discussed topics. If you have a few moments, it would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.
Hitori - 02/02/23
Forbidden Seal Changes
This update mainly makes maintaining the benefits easier. Notable changes:

Some additional characters for journals have been provided to Four Dragons.
Seals give a flat increase to logout timer (Twin +1hr, Four Dragon +2 hours)

To remain clear on staff benefits:
All staff seal benefits
+25 over four dragons inbox limit
Increased PM chars
Increased chat chars
Journals (mods twin sparrows, supervisors/admins four dragons)

Supervisor/Admin only
Twin Sparrows regen boost (does not stack if seal is purchased)

Added option to turn off the donor "sparkle" effect in the tavern. You will need to re-enable this under the forbidden seal options in the Ancient Market (where you change your username color).

Edit (1/23/23): When upgrading/downgrading a seal, a confirmation will be required. The remaining seal time will be completely lost. We may change this to convert the time in the future.

Some minor bug corrections with inbox/added support for supports to send message with the new PM system.
Hitori - 01/22/23
Messaging System Update
A completely new messaging system/inbox has been built by Shadow (huge thanks for the massive effort!) and is now live.

NOTE: You may need to hard refresh on the inbox page for it to work properly. Try CTRL+SHIFT+R

Key features of this system include:
- Can create group chats with multiple players
-- Add players, remove players, change the title of the conversation, or leave the conversation
-- Blacklist support so players cannot be added to conversations with players they have blocked
-- Send messages and receive messages without refreshing the page
-- Tracking unread messages on the inbox page and on on any page load
-- Receive alerts when players are sent money, AK, or when their AK is purchased
-- View older messages with a click of a button
-- Report messages
-- Standard Notification Support

Please report any issues you find in the #sc-bugs channel in Discord!

If you have old messages you want to review, we will launch a page to view them soon.
Lsmjudoka - 01/15/23
Rank scaling updates
- Exp per level changed from 300 => 450

- Level range increased from 11-20 => 11-25
- Stat cap increased from 5,000 => 7,500
- Exp at max level increased from 32,500 => 50,000 and exp per level adjusted accordingly
- Health per level adjusted to keep a similar fight duration

- Level range increased from 21-40 => 26-50
- Stat cap increased from 25,000 => 50,000
- Exp at max level increased from 130,000 => 325,000 and exp per level adjusted accordingly
- Health per level adjusted to keep a similar fight duration

- Level range increased from 41-70 => 51-100
- Stat cap increased from 100,000 => 250,000
- Exp at max level increased from 650,000 => 1,625,000 and exp per level adjusted accordingly
- Health per level adjusted to keep a similar fight duration

Use cost for Jonin jutsu has been lowered from 200-400 => 100-150
Lsmjudoka - 01/01/23
Jonin release
With the combat update taking longer than expected to complete, we've decided to release Jonin rank and allow players to continue their training progression.

Jonin rank has been released and features:
- A 100k stat cap (soon to be increased to 250k)
- New Jutsu
- A second element
- The ability to claim Clan leader seats and set boosts
- Jonin cannot attack Chuunin (and vice versa). We plan to make a more nuanced and interesting way to manage who can attack who in the future, but this is a temporary measure to make life a little less frustrating for Chuunin as Jonin has some pretty high stat caps and health scaling
Lsmjudoka - 12/26/22
August/September updates
- Regen preview indicators have been added to the profile, showing how much of each resource you will have after the next regen tick. The logic has been set to account for health regening at 2x the rate of chakra/stamina. (NOTE: These indicators will not appear if your health/chakra/stamina are all full)

- A weekly auto-kick system for clan elders offline more than 30 days has been implemented, and all clan elders currently considered inactive under those standards have been kicked.

- Character remaining counters have been added while typing new chat posts, editing your journal, and writing private messages
Lsmjudoka - 09/03/22
Team Bug Fix & QoL
Team Bug Fixed
A few bugs have been patched with teams, primarily the inability to kick team members.

Quality of Life Updates
- Team leaders can now transfer team ownership to another member without having to leave a team. This is PERMANENT and the new team leader will have to transfer it back to you, for it to be on a "temporary" basis. Note: Administration will not get involved in "recovering" a team, so transfer at your own risk - there is a confirmation page.

- Team leaders must now transfer leadership to another member before they can leave. Transferring and leaving are two separate transaction.

- Cancelling and starting missions is now only visible to team leader, to avoid confusion.

- Team points will now have proper order of magnitude (e.g. 1000 points will display as 1,000)

- Hitori
Hitori - 01/14/22
Update Diary #2
Update Diary 01/01/2022
As 2021 finally draws to a conclusion, we here at Shinobi Chronicles are happy to bring to you another progress update! As some of you might have seen on our Discord server, there are plans in place for a massive overhaul of our combat system. The current system rewards picking the right rotation and hoping your stats and training win out the day, which has served the predecessors of SC well. But we are looking to bring a new and exciting range of options to the game soon!

The most obvious change that is looking to be implemented is making the battlefield an existing and interactive part of the game. No more will you stand statically and take turns throwing attacks at one another, but we are working to build a system that challenges you to predict your opponent’s attacks and perfectly time your own. Range will become an important part of the game, allowing different fighting styles to seek optimisation at certain distances, while exploiting the weaknesses of others by avoiding their peak range as well. Each step on the battlefield can be occupied by a player, or by hazards and barriers constructed by the players. This will reward strategic thinking, and help create a game where you win not just by mastering your own abilities, but by learning what others can do and accommodating their approach into your masterful plans.

As we progress through this massive overhaul, I’ll be looking for more little bits and pieces to share with you, giving you a window into the big changes coming to SC. As ever, the staff are reachable over on our Discord, and we invite you to join us and discuss what is coming to SC in future and share your own ideas for what could make this game great.

Thank you all for making 2021 a massively successful year for ShinobiChronicles, we are so grateful to have such an amazing player base, and wish you all the best for the year to come,
Princess - 12/31/21