Team Bug Fix & QoL
Team Bug Fixed
A few bugs have been patched with teams, primarily the inability to kick team members.

Quality of Life Updates
- Team leaders can now transfer team ownership to another member without having to leave a team. This is PERMANENT and the new team leader will have to transfer it back to you, for it to be on a "temporary" basis. Note: Administration will not get involved in "recovering" a team, so transfer at your own risk - there is a confirmation page.

- Team leaders must now transfer leadership to another member before they can leave. Transferring and leaving are two separate transaction.

- Cancelling and starting missions is now only visible to team leader, to avoid confusion.

- Team points will now have proper order of magnitude (e.g. 1000 points will display as 1,000)

- Hitori
Hitori - 01/14/22
Update Diary #2
Update Diary 01/01/2022
As 2021 finally draws to a conclusion, we here at Shinobi Chronicles are happy to bring to you another progress update! As some of you might have seen on our Discord server, there are plans in place for a massive overhaul of our combat system. The current system rewards picking the right rotation and hoping your stats and training win out the day, which has served the predecessors of SC well. But we are looking to bring a new and exciting range of options to the game soon!

The most obvious change that is looking to be implemented is making the battlefield an existing and interactive part of the game. No more will you stand statically and take turns throwing attacks at one another, but we are working to build a system that challenges you to predict your opponent’s attacks and perfectly time your own. Range will become an important part of the game, allowing different fighting styles to seek optimisation at certain distances, while exploiting the weaknesses of others by avoiding their peak range as well. Each step on the battlefield can be occupied by a player, or by hazards and barriers constructed by the players. This will reward strategic thinking, and help create a game where you win not just by mastering your own abilities, but by learning what others can do and accommodating their approach into your masterful plans.

As we progress through this massive overhaul, I’ll be looking for more little bits and pieces to share with you, giving you a window into the big changes coming to SC. As ever, the staff are reachable over on our Discord, and we invite you to join us and discuss what is coming to SC in future and share your own ideas for what could make this game great.

Thank you all for making 2021 a massively successful year for ShinobiChronicles, we are so grateful to have such an amazing player base, and wish you all the best for the year to come,
Princess - 12/31/21
December 27th, 2021 - Update Diary #1
Update Diary #1
With the holiday season upon us we here at Shinobi Chronicles want to wish you all the happiest of times as look towards the future.

Speaking of, I am proud to present the first of many update diaries to come! As you know, the staff here have been hard at work preparing a host of ambitious changes for the game to improve it significantly. These changes take time, but we've decided we will be sharing with you elements of upcoming features as they are worked on! Today we show you the early stages of the highly anticipated Marriage feature! This is something we've seen significant support for from the playerbase, and the first stage launches today!

The layout isn't necessarily finalised, and we will continue working to build and balance the benefits of marriage for all.

SC is constantly moving forward, we will return next week with another look at what is to come. Feel free to jump onto the discord and reach out to us to discuss this and any planned updates. We look forward to sharing the future of SC with you all!
Princess - 12/26/21
Patch Notes
2021-11-18: Special Missions
Added auto-run Special Missions. These missions, once started, perform missions without you having to manually control your character. They will move around the map, auto-battle NPCs, and gather intel. Once enough intel has been gathered to complete the mission, your character will travel back to the village.
- You can be attacked while your character is traveling around

- Special Mission auto-battles do use jutsu, consuming chakra/stamina and rewarding jutsu exp
- Your character currently travels at a rate of once every 1.2 seconds during special missions
Lsmjudoka - 11/19/21
Patch Notes
Support system upgraded and patched bug where users were charged at premium rate for every submission.
*Note: Refunds have been issued on all supports. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Patched account resets. It is now required that clan elders resign before resetting.

Added Support System
Guest supports - Can be submitted without access to your account, check your email for staff updates on your support
*** Once account access is regained, you can add the guest support to your account by providing the support key on the support page to continue the support. This will change the support type to a user support

User supports - Submitted while logged into the game. Notifications for staff updates will be provided through PMs

Premium supports - Submitted while logged into the game, costs anywhere between 0 and 10 AK to submit. Submitting a premium support provides higher priority to your request.
Functionality Note: A non-priority premium support (e.g. Game Question) will still have a lower priority than a high-priority user support (e.g. Account Problem). However, your support will still be processed at a premium priority after high-priority issues are processed.

Misc. Changes
Added support to static pages (e.g. rules, manual, etc.) to support pages to use user selected layouts while logged in.
Added more feedback for account activation errors. You will now be notified if your account is already verified instead of directing to administrators.
Lsmjudoka - 11/05/21
Patch notes
- Fixed remaining cases where 16.1 was considered the same location as 16.10 (e.g. for attacking another user)

- Traveling while in the combat phase of a mission now cancels the mission

- Increased avatar sizes from 125px / 175px to 150px / 200px. Increased max avatar filesize to 1 MB.

- Fixed a bug where mission location prompt showed at the wrong location (e.g. 1.10 instead of 1.1)

- Fixed a bug where losing a mission fight didn't send you back to your village

- Added heal item count to gear page

- Doubled effect of regen boosts on Bloodlines
- Fixed a bug where heal prevented users from dying to residual damage

- A 25 second "prep phase" has been added at the start of all PvP battles, where players can use heal consumables. You cannot heal past 85% max health using heal items in this phase.

- Players are now transported back to their village upon losing an Arena fight

- Changed AK purchasing to use preset pack amounts, showing clearly how much you'll spend and receive

- Made user names clickable on view battle page
Lsmjudoka - 10/19/21
Patch Notes
- Fixed a bug where the reduced resistance amount against residuals was applying to normal damage, not residuals
- Changed resist effectiveness against residuals to:
* 0.5x (nin)
* 0.5x (tai)
* 1.0x (gen)

- Stop consumables from being used if you are already at full health
- Fixed diffuse to only work against Ninjutsu attacks
- Added Top Teams tab on Members page

- Added list of bloodlines in Ancient Market > Bloodline tab

- Fixed a bug where team boosts were not clearing after expiring

- Added yen gain (rank * 50) to PvP wins
- Added GitHub menu link to Blue Scroll layout

- Being in a fight for longer than 60 seconds after it completes will now force you to view the battle page and leave the fight

- New bloodlines have been added to ensure each village has one legendary for each offense type:
* Godslayer: Leaf Taijutsu
* Phantasmal Stalker: Cloud Genjutsu
* Terracotta Soldiers: Stone Genjutsu
* Ancient's Deception: Sand Genjutsu

- Resist effects on all legendary bloodline have been doubled from 5 => 10%
- All Legendary BL without passive boost have been given regen
- Resistance is now 0.65x effective against residual damage

(Note: This is not a replacement for the bloodline overhaul. This is just a small set of tweaks)

- Time Alteration (Chuunin Genjutsu - Drain Stamina) changed from 35% / 2 turns => 10% / 4 turns
- Liquid Bullet (Chuunin Water Ninjutsu) changed from 10% drain chakra / 2 turns => 25% residual / turns

- Gender options have been expanded to Male / Female / Non-binary / None ("None" removes gender display on public profile)
- Ability to change Gender in Ancient Market has been added
Lsmjudoka - 10/10/21
Patch Notes
- Fixed an issue causing some daily tasks to not reset. You may have to wait until your timer counts down to 0 again for this fix to take effect.
- Stat resets are now free.

(This update contains layout changes, you may need to hard refresh your browser with CTRL+SHIFT+R or equivalent to resolve any visual bugs)

- Added option to change element in Ancient Market for 10 AK

- Added team boosts (Training lucky gain chance and AI money gains)
- Made team page visible to others and linked from player profiles
- Updated team logo to 450x100 size
- Added daily tasks (Arena, Missions, PvP). Check your Profile to see yours every day!

- Added Highest PvP kill count tab on Members page

- Fixed a bug where regen boost only applied to 1 minute of regen when claiming multiple minutes of regen
- Health now regens at 2x the rate of chakra/stamina
- "Fight club" mission gains have been increased by 50%
- Team defense boost has been reduced from 10% per active member at your location => 5% per active member on your location (30% => 15% max)
Lsmjudoka - 10/07/21