Sensei Update
The Sensei/Student system has been launched thanks to Arthesia!

See the Village HQ's new Sensei tab for more details.

- Jonin-ranked players can now assume the role of Sensei, mentoring up to three students.
- Players must pass an aptitude exam and fulfill specific requirements to qualify.
- Each Sensei chooses a specialization and increases in proficiency with the number of students graduated.

- All Akademi-sei and Genin are eligible to become students.
- Students receive training bonuses determined by their Sensei's specialization and proficiency.
- Apply for student positions through either the Village HQ or directly from a Sensei's profile.
Lsmjudoka - 05/29/23
Progression Updates + Clan seats
Special Missions
All special missions are now twice as long, and have twice the yen/jutsu level gains
- Special missions now reward more stat points. The gains per tier are:
* Easy = 2 stats
* Normal = 4 stats
* Hard = 6 stats
* Nightmare = 8 stats
- Nightmare mission health drain has been reduced by 10%
- Special missions reward +2 stat gain at all tiers for Chuunin, and +4 stat gain at all tiers for Jonin
- Interval between special mission actions has been slightly reduced, from 1.1 => 1.0 seconds

Extended Training
Extended training has been increased from 4 hours at 33% gains to 5 hours at 40% gains.
* Extended training with four dragon seal has increased from 6 hours at 44% gains to 7.5 hours at 53% gains

Clan Seats
Clan seats can now be automatically claimed if the holder has been inactive for more than 10 days (for leader seat) or 14 days (for elder)

Level Holding
- The level holding feature has been changed to have a max effect of 5 levels. This means when you have enough exp to level up 6 times, you will gain 1 level. (Note: This will be lowered to 3 soon, but is being left at 5 for a little while while people adjust)
- The default game page is now your profile, rather than the news. This means on logging in, you will be taken to your profile.
Lsmjudoka - 04/11/23
Misc. Fixes
The 500 errors on the manual, rules and terms pages have been fixed, both while logged in and while logged out. Additionally, a basic menu has been added to these pages for navigation while logged in.

It is now possible to opt out of leveling up and ranking up on the settings page. Rank up now displays "Take/Resume Genin Exam", instead of just the generic message.

All exams have been changed to have an introduction message before beginning.

Major change is Genin exam: it is now limited to 5 minutes.
Fixed a bug with Jonin exam bugging out with missions. You will now need to be clear of any current mission before beginning the exam.

Fixed a bug where changing villages through the Ancient Market did not work.

Fixed a cosmetic bug in Ancient Market where "none" was displayed twice to user's that did not have an aura and could not change their name color without one (this applied to non-staff user's that had not purchased any AK).

Fixed a bug where you could purchase jutsu scrolls an unlimited amount of times, even if you already had one.
Hitori - 04/03/23
Travel Update
The travel interface has been overhauled to a dynamic UI that live updates while you're on it and lets you move around without the whole page reloading/flickering.

Core features:
- Keyboard shortcut support for arrows and w, a, s, d. You can hold one or two keys to continuously move in that direction.
- Travel is now capped to moving one tile every 0.3 seconds
- There are now delays after certain actions before you can move:
- Losing a PvP fight: 15 seconds
- Winning a PVP fight: 0.5 seconds
- Winning an AI fight: 0.25 seconds

New Locations
- A rejuvenating hot springs has been added on the north side of the map. This offers +100% regen boost while you're standing on it (villages have been reduced to +50%)
- An underground arena has been added on the south side of the map. You can spar other players here, but not train, do arena, or attack other players.

Scout Area
- Ability to filter our specific ranks.
- Refreshes every 0.5s and displays players nearby depending on both scout range and stealth.
- Attack links are auto-generating every 10 minutes.

- All menu options are now shown regardless of location and are hidden by CSS.
- Added Inbox styling to Rainbow layout.
Lsmjudoka - 03/19/23
Speed Updates
Speed / Cast Speed Updates
- Genjutsu now uses cast speed to clash against the opponent's speed / cast speed
- Speed now increases damage of taijutsu at 0.25x the effectiveness of taijutsu skill
- Cast speed now increases damage of ninjutsu / genjutsu at 0.25x the effectiveness of ninjutsu / genjutsu skill
- Max evasion damage reduction has been reduced from 55% => 35%
- Evasion damage reduction ratio has been reduced from 55% => 40%. This means that achieving 35% damage reduction requires 87.5% more speed than your opponent (previously 63% more speed)
Lsmjudoka - 03/09/23
Moderator Applications

We are looking to fill two (2) to three (3) moderator positions. If you would like to join our team, and make Shinobi Chronicles a more fun, safe, secure and inviting, please feel free to fill out the form below to apply.

Applications will be accepted until the end of the day on March 20, 2023. Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered should an open position remain after on-time applications are processed.

We will begin processing applications on March 21, but do not have a time frame on when processing will be completed. An administrator will contact each applicant, regardless of acceptance.

During the time of application processing, additional information may be requested from an applicant, prior to a moderator position being offered.

If you have any questions on this application process, please feel free to message Hitori in PM/IMs on SC.
Hitori - 03/07/23
Chat Fixes
An issue where line breaks were not displayed in chat has been corrected.

An issue where long names would break the chat user data box has been corrected.

An issue where village icons were allowed to grow too large has been corrected.

Reverted the "< 1 min" time display due to unpopularity. Instead times have been reverted to show 1 min(s) ago by default.

Credit to Kengetsu for Chat avatar size increase due to popular demand.

Team Mission Bug Patch
Patched the Team Mission bug where a team member joining would reset progress.
Hitori - 03/03/23
Feedback Survey
The SC staff would love to get some feedback on some current heavily discussed topics. If you have a few moments, it would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.
Hitori - 02/02/23